Beauty Of Transformation

by Mylee's Dying Wish

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released June 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Mylee's Dying Wish Indianapolis, Indiana

Mylee's Dying Wish! Aggressive and Melodic is our mojo!

Ickysticky Buddha Ganja Goodness mate!

Angel Dust: Verse II
"Coming Soon 2017"

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Track Name: Possessive Kiss
As my soul being depleted
My suffering just begun
Drowning myself in the never ending darkness
For which I am blinded from the truth
Over shadowing me from Eden
I am nothing but an empty vessel
Through lust of temptation that I am chained
Breaking every bone that I had
Never silent my soul that scream for help
Goddamn you all to hell
For fausted all reason
I'm trapped in a false reality
You imprisoned me with torture
And all I can say and do is rejected it
And spit back at you
So it's really nothing to me

My paradise of my heavenly request
Rejected by god
Slam by the painful truth
For I am banished to the realm of shadow
As my stone were set to kill two birds
To feel like to take a life away till I am nothing
I'm a horrible person that's under the influence
For all the voices that told me to do so

:Joey Fenoglio:
[Kissing my Lilith, Till she makes me feel whole]
[ But my chest burst into flames for it doesn't matter]
[Laughing like a daemon, for the full blooded moon]
[No sign of life in the forgotten night]

Running in the open field
To chase after the vixen that stolen my soul in the first place
Take back your filth
I don't want it anymore
Stop haunting my dream x2
Track Name: Angel Dust
Oh my precious stone
How you hold the mystery of life
From beyond the reach of the afterlife
But still in a form of a doll
That shielded me from the truth
In my Nebula Oracle
Knowing the darkside of life
Scaring me senseless that I wish it wasn't real
But couldn't escape from the nightmare
Drowning my spirit deeper to the core
Pretending everything is alright
Living in the shadow of different lives
Couldn't even notice a thing till you see flashback
Making you question your own existence
The stone embedded in my soul
Where did I came from
What is my purpose
Do I wonder the stars forever alone
Trapped in a endless Paradox
No peace in the grave
Restless souls are crying in eternal suffering

For The Souls that seal their fate
No escape in the endless time and space
For they are damned forever alone