Genesis Fallen Chapter

by Mylee's Dying Wish

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Genesis Fallen Chapter is a complicated story about the darkest icon that fall from the heavens that hid herself within the holy circle right by the Spring in the Holy Valley which the Catholics brand the valley Forbidden for mortal to enter the valley within.


released April 20, 2017

Music Directed by: Mylee's Dying Wish
Music Recorded by: Brian Bones and Mylee's Dying Wish
Music Engineering, Programs, and Guitar parts by: Brian Bones
Album Artwork by: Korey Smith

All MDW music recorded and engineered at "The Lodge Studio" in Indianapolis, IN. September 9th 2016 to April 8th 2017. Thank you all for showing and giving us support since March 8th, 2014.



all rights reserved


Mylee's Dying Wish Indianapolis, Indiana

Mylee's Dying Wish! Aggressive and Melodic is our mojo!

Ickysticky Buddha Ganja Goodness mate!

Angel Dust: Verse II
"Coming Soon 2017"

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Track Name: Lucid
Track Name: Underworld Spring
Sinking through the ground
Deeper every second
Couldn't feel the bottom
Feeling the soil surrounding the rotten remains
Dragging through the gate of Hades
Where no mortal dare to cross

Cleansing souls ov impurity
Lustful creatures licking their lips
To breed intoxicated
What beauty you behold

For the wicked to masqueraded
Thus engaging to breed with the creature
Contemplating her scent to lure fools
To be damned by their sins
Devoting myself to bathe in the Spring of the Fallen

Once there was a garden to feast upon
As we seen the beauty of it
Before it was burnt to the ground
For there was no life after that
Hoping for the soulless to sip the nectar ov God
To taste the purity of life to feel it's nature
That grown to sickening to rather watch it die
Then let it breath

Gasping for air to breath while drowning in the dark abyss
No help was near as my body turn stone black
Track Name: Possessive Kiss
As my soul being depleted
My suffering just begun
Drowning myself in the never ending darkness
For which I am blinded from the truth
Over shadowing me from Eden
I am nothing but an empty vessel
Through lust of temptation that I am chained
Breaking every bone that I had
Never silent my soul that scream for help
Goddamn you all to hell

For fausted all reason
I'm trapped in a false reality
You imprisoned me with torture
And all I can say and do is rejected it
And spit back at you
So it's really nothing to me

My parade of my heavenly request
Rejected by god
Slam by the painful truth
For I am banished to the realm of shadow
As my stone were set to kill two birds
To feel like to take a life away till I am nothing
I'm a horrible person that's been under the influence
For all the voices that told me to do so

Kissing my Lilith, Till she makes me feel whole
But my chest burst into flames for it doesn't matter
Laughing like a daemon, for the full blooded moon
No sign of life in the forgotten night

Running in the open field
To chase after the vixen that taken my soul in the first place
Take back your filth
I don't want it anymore
Stop haunting my dream x2
Track Name: My Beautiful Damnation
At last, for the first time
I felt like I was driven out of my empty hollow shell
Laughing for who I use be
Nothing but a filthy disgusting human being
Finally free from the torment of society
Stripping my previous flesh as I'm finally reborn
For I will take back everything that you took from me
You're nothing but a leech

Whisper in my dream, tell me what is real
What is not
Buried my previous past
Torch it til it's all gone
Numb my mind
Numb my body
Like I really need to feel
Conjuring the darkness within

Sabering the taste of human flesh
Licking the bloodstain from your lips
Listening to the voices of our slain ancestors
Damning us to the depths of hell
God left us to rot

For as I seen with my own vision
My hunger for my inner demise
Will only lead me further to Damnation
Hold onto what you behold
Before my evolution begin

Transparent to our uncharted land
To the great beyond
Oh my beautiful Damnation
You open my eyes to see that truth

My Beautiful world is destroyed
By the greed of mankind
Condemned by humanity
Be shun into exile
For we're the forgotten souls

Our broken wings fly no more
Our land is damned by a so called kingdom
So damn your ways
For your world will burn
Track Name: Sculpting Birth
In my evening
Though lunar your eye's
Nocturnal creature
For thee you are
Enchantment I cast

Possessing your soul
Dire you are
To feel no love
Like a useless doll
My adorable Abomination
You mourn for perfection
But none was given

To damn your God
That toss you aside
As a failed creation
Begging to be loved
But none was given

A grain of sand, a cup of water
A form of flesh, sculpting your birth
For a creation of life
To twist the fate
That you rather die
To feel your suffering no more
Track Name: Forgotten Whisper In The Rain
Track Name: Her Legacy
Oh bless thy creation that you behold
From a dark, forsaken time
That I remain beneath the stars
Like crispering crest of the soul
A passing fade
It seeks to be released
As black as earth's untold legend

Lying under for centuries to be a forbidden knowledge
In silence I descend to earth's forbidden Valley
To understand it's nature
From heaven's darkest icon

As the crown of hell spilled upon the blackest existence
Entombed fables were forgotten
But lay beyond our reach to understanding it

If yesterday would stood up proud
For the deception embedded underneath
The fragments was consumed by the Springs
That would be hidden within the holy circle